The three core concepts of Change the World U

1. Do what you love to do.
2. Find a Non-Profit in the topics you dig doing. Help them. Network with them. Learn from them.
3. Take the knowledge learned helping people using the CTWU tools and create other websites based around the tools on CTWU and OR other subjects you would do because you love doing them.

How to Avoid the Biggest Mistake New People
Make Trying To Earn An Income Online.

What is the most common mistake people make when trying to earn an income online?

In one word it could be called greed.

In other words, people look at earning Big Dollars by selling the latest and greatest get rich product instead of looking inside themselves and asking what they really love to do for fun or as a hobby.

Many people start off by selling products they know nothing about and have no interest in. In a high percentage of cases, people try to sell Internet Marketing and Social Media products even though they have no practical experience or knowledge of the many different skill sets involved.

What usually happens is: After 90-120 days, people see no money, become discouraged and give up. This situation is even worse when the person has already invested money into products or training. Also, let us not forget about family and friends who are seeing that person go through the disappointment. This can add stress to relationships and cause you to give up at the very beginning of the your hoped-for financial independence.

How to avoid this pitfall?

#1: Start your first series of websites about a subject or subjects you are PASSIONATE about. Ask yourself this question: If you had enough money to do anything you wanted what would that thing be?

#2: Your first series of websites should be about a subject, or subjects, which you LOVE. It is much more enjoyable to create content such as an article, Podcast or Video about a subject you know about and enjoy learning more about. Do you really want to create a work from home income that becomes just another JOB?

#3: Take a day and just DREAM. Imagine that you have enough money so that you never have to work again. Then (this is VERY important) ask the people you love what they are passionate about. If there is a common interest, make sure to use that as one of your initial website topics.

If there is not a match, then look at this as an opportunity to learn more about the people you love. Here are some TOPIC IDEA SAMPLES to stimulate your thinking. These are also subject areas that the Change the World U Team is interested in and is developing websites about and thus will offer you expertise examples and support as you develop your own focus.

Sustainable Gardening
Advanced Technologies
Alternative Energy
Veterans Benefits
Muscle Cars
Non-Profit Internet Marketing

#4: While building your new sites you will also be learning about INTERNET MARKETING and SOCIAL MEDIA. This hands-on experience and practical knowledge will prepare you to launch another series of 1, 2 or 3 websites about your favorite online marketing tools. Some of the tools Change the World U uses are:

Article creation and syndication.
Blog World
YouTube Videos

#5: There are no “get rich overnight” online programs that work. What those companies are doing is preying on your emotions and your strong desire to believe that you can Get Rich Overnight. AVOID TEMPTATION! Do not fall into that temptation trap that makes others rich! Instead, BUILD AN INTERNET BUSINESS BASED ON WHAT YOU LOVE TO DO.

Key interviews 2009

2009 Key Interviews on CTWU

Chris Cade
Spiritual entrepreneur and author empowering people to discover the joy and peace already within them.


Tony Michalski
Master Key Coaching
Balance between taking ACTION vs. just THINKING that having good and positive thoughts will alone create success in our businesses. One of our guests will be Tony Michalski of
http://www.masterkeycoaching.com/ http://www.kallistipublishing.com/

Deborah Tutnauer
Deborah Tutnauer, LCSW is Home Business Strategist, and a Leader in the Network Marketing/Internet Marketing industry, providing support, coaching and consultation to home-based business owners who are seeking to become clearer about their goals, better organized, more efficient and better able to stay focused on their chosen path — so that the seeds they plant will end up being money they reap. She teaches others how to be successful in business by listening to and understanding people’s needs and connecting them with systems and services, ideas and action, that fulfill those needs.


Jim Kennard
Title: Interview With Jim Kennard of the Food For Everyone Foundation
Episode Notes: Mr Kennard is responsible for taking the knowledge of the best known family vegetable gardening method, principles, and procedures to the families of the world by way of the Food For Everyone Foundation, a 501(c)(3) Public Charitable organization. I was highly privileged to know very well and work closely with Dr. Jacob R. Mittleider during much of the last 30 years of his life. Dr. Mittleider taught me the gardening methods that made him highly respected and sought after around the world – so much so that he received PhD’s from Universities on four continents!

Christopher Scott

Title: A Day Of Hope is Changing The World
Time: 11/12/2009 09:00 PM EST
Episode Notes: This evening we will talk with Christopher Scott on Business Builders Workshop- . Christopher is the Founder & Team Leader of A Day of Hope; a program that delivers baskets of food and turkeys to needy families for Thanksgiving. http://www.squidoo.com/adayofhope

Shaun Goodsell

itle: Business Builders Workshop- 5 Keys To Mental Toughness
Time: 08/20/2009 09:00 PM EDT
Episode Notes: This episodes guest will be Shaun Goodsell He will be sharing with us on Mind Strength mastering the 5 keys to Mental Toughness. Shaun Goodsell has had a passion for working with and helping kids and adolescents for the better part of his life. He has been working with kids in adverse situations for twenty years and has seen many of them through the most horrific of situations. He grew up playing hockey and running cross-country for his local high school and has also run an amazing six marathons! With a Bachelor’s Degree in Communications, a Master’s Degree in Counseling Psychology and his undying love for athletics and young people, Shaun has combined his academic background, his innate love for working with kids and adolescents and finally, his passion for sports in general to create The Mental Edge. A company which not only guides athletes toward a higher ground in measures of performance, but also in their every day lives. More on Shaun here.. http://www.mentaledgenow.net/mental_edge_coaching_staff.htm

Justin French

Title: EPISODE30 – 8 Vital Tips To Start A Business In A Recession
Time: 08/27/2009 09:00 PM EDT
Episode Notes: August 27th Edition will feature Justin French Entrepreneur, CEO, & Dog Lover at Social Networking San Diego; Student at Twittersphere San Diego North County Oceanside/ Carlsbad About me Personal: I love helping business people understand technology and the power it has to be more efficient professionally & personally. I love business and the challenge/opportunity it presents. Professional: As CEO of Social Networking San Diego, Justin has a 12 year Information Technology (Cisco and Microsoft) background and Business Degree in High Tech Management from Cal State San Marcos. His biggest strength is being able to communicate effectively to both a technical audience and non-technical audience what challenges they are facing and how he can help solve their problems in a cost effective manner. His operations and logistics coordination with project management is a true art. His current passion is providing Companies with the right strategy and structure to generate targeted lead generation using social networking and social media tools. This is a true science that has been offered as simple solutions to yield big returns on investment compared with traditional marketing approaches. Our specialty is branding, design, and marketing and teaching business professionals how to develop meaningful relationships on-line to achieve personal or company success.

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